Starved Rock Foundation

Geared towards Families However some programs are more adult orientated*


Most Programs start at 1:30 pm & will last about an hour. Programs are FREE to the public and do not require registration or sign-up!



Jan 1st - Monday - America's State Parks 1st Hike

Meet at the VC at 1pm to take the 1st hike of the year to Starved Rock & French Canyon!!

Jan 20th & 21st - Winter Wilderness Weekend

Guided hikes leave the VC at 9am & 1pm to view frozen waterfalls and experience the winter woods.

Jan 27th & 28th - Eagle Watch Weekend

Eagle viewing from the sea wall, top of the Rock & Illinois Waterway Visitor Center.Birds of Prey shows at the lodge, Illinois Waterway Visitor Center and our Visitor Center.

February 2018

Feb 11th - Winter Drum Circle "Roots Of Rhythm"

Come and join percussionist Dave Peterson in an interactive drum circle! Native American flutes will also be featured. Drums are provided for your participation! 1:30pm

Feb 18th- Our Outdoor Heritage,"Our Region's First Outdoorsmen"

Historian & author Mark Walczynski will examine the lives of prehistoric and later historic period Native Americans, people whose very existence was tied to the region's natural resources. 1:30 pm

March 2018

March 11th -SOAR-"Save Our American Raptors"

See live birds of prey such as falcons, owls and hawks up-close and learn about the impressive adaptations and behaviors of these remarkable birds. 11am & 1pm

March 18th - "TAP for MAPLE SAP"

Join our Park Naturalist Lisa Sons for a presentation on the history of Maple Syrup from Native American methods to modern day. Try a piece of maple sugar and head outside fo find a maple tree and learn how to tap for sap! - 1:30pm

April 2018

April 22nd - Wildlife Prarie Park Presents,"Amazing Animals"

Skunks, turtles and owls, Oh My! Get up close and personal with these native critters and many more and see what makes them so amazing. 1:30pm

April 22nd - Earth Day Hike 11am

Celebrate Mother Nature at Starved Rock! Join the park naturalist for a hike to the top of Starved Rock and into French Canyon. Learn about the history and geology of the Park. 11am

April 28th & 29th - Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage

Volunteer guided hikes will leave the Visitor Center at 9am & 1pm both days in search of our spring treasures.Additional hikes may be available on the hour, check at the VC. Waterfalls should be flowing!

May-october -2018

May 2018

May 5th - Spring Migratory Bird Hike

Join the Park Naturalist and Tom Williams local bird expert, to seek resident birds and greet spring migrators. Bring binoculars and meet at VC at 7:30am; hike will last 2 hours.

May 6th-Incredible Bats!

In this 1 hour program you will get an overview of the world of bats, as we separate fact from fiction surrounding these nocturnal creatures. With our multi-media presentation and our live Egyptian Fruit and African bats; your view of bats will never be the same again! 1:30 pm

May 20th - Wildlife Prarie Park presents "Reptiles & Amphibians"

Join Wildlife Prairie Park staff and a few of their reptilian friends such as turtles, snakes and salamanders for a family fun program. 1:30pm

JUNE 2018

June 2nd - National Trails Day

Celebrate the day with the Park Naturalist! Hike to the top of Starved Rock and into the bottom of French Canyon. Learn about the history and the geology of the Park. Meet at the VC at 10am . Hike lasts about 2 hrs

September 2018

September 2nd - Birds of Prey Live!

SOAR: Save Our American Raptors will be on hand with falcons, owls, and hawks! See these remarkable birds up close and learn about their impressive adaptions and behaviors.. Programs start at 11am & 1pm.

September 15th - Autumn Migratory Bird Hike

Join the Park Naturalist and Tom Williams local bird expert, to seek resident birds and greet fall migrators. Bring binoculars and meet at VC at 8am; hike lasts 2 hours.

September 23rd - Buzzing Beautiful Bees!

The honeybee: an amazing creature, Merlin and Susan Calhoun will give us a sneak peek into these tiny creatures'amazing lives, including habitat, behavior and challenges they face in our world - 1:30pm

october 2018

October 20th & 21st - Fall Colors Weekend

Join the Starved Rock guides as we hike to overlooks and canyons to view spectacular colors and learn about the geology & history of the Park. First hike leaves at 10am. Other hikes leaving on the hour may be available, check at the VC

October 27th - Creatures of the Night

SOAR: Save Our American Raptors will have several species of owls native to Illinois See these remarkable birds up close! Programs start at 11am & 1pm

October 27th - Halloween Fun Festivities

Luminary lit trail hikes to the top of Starved Rock at 5 & 6pm. Crafts for kids in the cabin next to the VC from 5-7pm. Halloween storytelling with Bill Myers starts at 7pm

NOVEMber 2018

No special programs are scheduled.

Guided Hikes may leave the VC at 1pm

DECEMber 2018

December 30 - Holiday & Winter Tales with Storyteller Bill Myers at 1:30pm